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Each Christmas everyone in our household wants a new phone. What we used to do was pass them down, my husband would give me his old one and mine would go to one of the kids but not anymore. Four new phones appear under the Christmas tree and four old phones get tossed aside and eventually end up in a box somewhere.

I recently stumbled upon a number of online sites that actually buy old mobile phones; it had never occurred to me that you could sell mobile phones for cash. None of our phones is more than a year old and I decided this might be a way to recoup some of the money I had to pay out each year for these expensive gifts. I certainly didn't want them to end up in the landfill.

I was surprised to see the high prices some of these places online were giving for old cell phones. One comparison site was giving a consistent value for my son's old Apple iPhone of around $450! Now that's definitely worth looking into and most sites will even pay the postage to send them in. Even though some of the older phones are not worth as much, you can even sell broken phones, not for much but at least they stay out of the landfill which was my main concern.

I was a bit skeptical I must say but I sent 9 phones away, and crossed my fingers. Three days later I got confirmation that the company had received the phones and another telling me how much they were going to send me. A day after that over $600 appeared in my PayPal account! That certainly offset the cost of a few Christmas gifts.

As for the really old phones from years back I found out that my local electronics store offers a recycling service so I dropped them all off there. There are an estimated 800 million obsolete cell phones in the US, many of which end up in the garbage releasing toxic waste into the environment.

I wish everyone was aware that they can sell mobile phones for cash. Many companies send them to Third World countries where they are put to good use; some are given to at-risk people, such as battered wives and the elderly. Some are resold - but whatever the recycling companies do with them, the planet is better off and so am I! 着物 リサイクル 買取

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