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Whether used as a daily commuter, a weekend cruiser, a grocery getter, or a piece of the work fleet, your vehicles are generally a very important part of your daily life. Vehicles can also be a significant investment on the part of the owner, whether it is a personal vehicle or a business vehicle, and auto is a must to protect it. More importantly, most states require auto , making it the law.

Both personal auto and commercial auto insurance come in many different shapes and sizes, just like the vehicles they insure. Basic auto insurance comes as simply liability insurance, shielding the owner from the costs of repairing the damage and medical costs if the insured driver is responsible. The minimum liability auto insurance limits are what states regulate as part of their minimum auto insurance requirements. In addition to liability auto insurance, collision and comprehensive auto insurance can also be taken out for your vehicle. Collision auto insurance protects vehicle owners from the costs of repairing a vehicle when it is involved in a collision. Sometimes collision auto insurance is required for an auto loan. Comprehensive auto insurance protects the vehicle owner from the cost of damage resulting from many other hazards besides a collision, including -Acts of God- hazards, including tornadoes, floods, or hail.

In addition to standard auto insurance and commercial auto insurance policies, there are several -on policies that have special protections. Increasingly, auto insurance is neglected as money gets tight, and in the event of a collision, the party at fault does not have insurance or the financial ability to cover the repair costs. Uninsured and underinsured motorist auto insurance protects the policy holder if the at-fault party cannot afford to cover repairs, whether the at-fault party is insured or not. Loss of use auto insurance reimburses the policy holder for the cost of a rental vehicle while an insured vehicle is being repaired due to covered damage.

Commercial auto insurance also has special insurance considerations. In personal auto insurance policies, for the most part, the owner is the operator. For commercial auto insurance, many different users can use the vehicle and need to be covered. In addition, the potential operators might have the option to operate many different vehicles in a corporate fleet. This kind of flexibility requires commercial auto insurance to have special provisions for this. In addition, for large fleets, commercial auto insurance can be provided through a fleet insurance package, which can be a more cost effective insurance solution than individual commercial auto insurance policies.

Auto insurance is almost universally a necessity and many insurance providers offer both personal auto insurance and commercial auto insurance options. However, shopping for auto insurance quotes and business insurance quotes for commercial auto insurance can be very time consuming. Independent insurance agencies can shop for auto insurance quotes from the insurance providers they represent, taking on much of the work that would normally be up to the customer.

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