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We will restore the government back as soon as possible," he said.

To date, Mr. Abbott declined to say whether the change will upset if he won office.

A Senate committee today heard the Ministry of Health has done some work on "scope out" the best approach for the information campaign to 2.4 million people with high incomes who have grants reduced or eliminated.

The Coalition has already committed to removing carbon tax the government and the mining tax, while providing new personal income tax cuts.

Finance Minister Penny Wong said Mr Abbott's commitment to health insurance was "simply more fiscal recklessness."

"There is no doubt the economic team can not tell if - and when - will lead to a surplus," he said.

The test in the lower house passed 71 votes to 70, with the support of Rob Oakeshott crossbenchers, Andrew Wilkie and Adam Bandt.

The Abbott said access to private health coverage went to the core values --of the Coalition.

"Private health insurance is in our DNA," he said.

"Support for people who want to get ahead is the reason for our existence.

"I mean, so there is a political movement, to give more support and encouragement for people who want to get ahead if they are independent schools, whether private pension or private health insurance is, we want to support policies that support them. "

Ministry of Health and Ageing First Assistant Secretary Richard Butler, said Senate estimates would be to inform people about the health funds if they still had the right to private fully 30 percent discount health insurance once they were on the income from July.

If you fail to do so the government will recover repayment of amounts wrongly paid if a person submitted an annual tax return.

The Private Health Insurance Administration Council reported that the percentage of the population with hospital insurance increased 0.1 percent to 47.5 percent, the number of ancillary cover also rose 0.1 percent to 53 percent of the population.

Over the past 12 months an additional 286,158 people came out of private health insurance figures show.

Senate estimates also reported that 193,000 people are currently paying the Medicare levy surcharge, the penalty tax that mainly affects high income, without health coverage.

The penalty will rise from the July package under the government of private health insurance changes, while an additional 100,000 people will pay the levy, said the ministry.

The test instruments will raise the price of health insurance for families earning more than $ 166,000 and stands at more than $ 83,000 a year by between $ 315 and $ 935 a year.

Families earning more than $ 258,000 a year and those over $ 129,000 a year will lose the deduction entirely.

Decision of the leader of the opposition to overthrow the government if he wins change adds $ 2.4 billion project budget savings, which has already been up to $ 70 billion.

The test tools that will make private health cover more expensive for the rich Australians, passed by the House of Representatives late in the morning and make it through the Senate with the support of the Greens.

Passage of the bill came the latest official statistics released today showed an extra 50,000 people took out health coverage in the three months to December 2011.

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