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SENuke Review - Website Search phrase Niche Research Function

SENuke review of its Niche Research function - I want to sum up by saying the program generally is one of the most beneficial software programs ever to be shown to affiliate marketers.

SENuke (Msn Search Nuke) is really a complete group of article internet marketer programs that speeds and streamlines the content writing and distribution process for all those presently available Web 2.0 functions. Presently there are numerous functions are included in the Pro version (the premium version of the program) which aren't in the standard version, with each Pro version function to be reviewed for its ease of use and effectiveness. This article is an SENuke review of the Pro version of the keyword niche research part of the program.

SENuke Review Web Niche Research It has all the performances of an incredible time saver. A user types in a online address they wish to promote then click a button and the program examines Google's interpretation of the relevant keywords for the selected site. The niche research method then rates the level of competition for each keyword on a scale of "Don't Waste Your Time" to "Easiest to Dominate". Stats are compiled not to mention average and previous monthly search data, and can be quickly and easily exported to a spreadsheet via a comma separated variable (CSV) file.

Conversely a customer has the option of seeing all the relevant keywords and phrases for a site (based on Google data) but a user also has the option of reviewing the competition level of individual keywords and phrases, their rank in Google, the host sites of these articles (i.e. Ezine Articles or Hub Pages, etc), and then see direct links to the articles themselves. Clicking on any of the article links opens a browser to see the article itself.

Needless to say being able to quickly sift through The major search engines mot-clé data to be able to export to a spreadsheet for sorting analysis is a huge time saver for article researchers, and offers a significant competitive advantage for users of this product.

Our next SENuke review article will focus on Web 2.0 account creation.

SENuke is without a doubt the most powerful article marketing tool ever created. If you've ever tried article marketing you know how time consuming and tedious it can be. Click the links below to either see our SENuke review or get a free 7-day trial of the program (get the Pro version - it is by far worth it). Your jaw will be on the floor in astonishment.

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