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TENS Unit Placement

How to Place the TENS Unit Electrodes]

A TENS unit (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit is applied to provide microelectronic improving to sore places on the whole body. A TENS device works by blockading discomfort fibers or by generating the development of natural hormones, while using Mayo Consultation room. A TENS element is compact and series electrified.

How yourself spot one's tens product electrodes is dependent upon where the infected website sits.

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Things You're going to need for your TENS element placement

TENS unit, Rubbing alcoholic drinks, Spirits stap, Strand balls, Electrode cream, Medical tape

1 First speak to your specialist.

Consult with a physician on where you can directly place your personal tens unit electrodes. Improper TENS unit placement will minimize your chances of making your discomfort lessened.

2 Fresh the area.

Purify the electrode website whether with an alcohol stap or that has a yarn ball hollow in massaging spirits. Allow the skin out to carefully dry . 3 Place lotion at the electrodes.

Apply a skinny seal of lotion to your back of many tens machine electrodes. This can be needed for the electrodes to pick over alerts out of your nerve layer.

4 Putting the tens unit electrodes.

Remove the dollars that could be at the back of your respective electrodes. Place the electrodes to your impacted sites. Employ scientific string that can help hold down the electrodes.

Tips & Warnings

Make certain your TENS machine series pack is demanded before applying.

Make surely the tens device is turned off before you apply the electrodes.

Rotate the location within your tens unit electrodes on your own skin for one session to stop your epidermis from becoming traumatic inflammation.

Use new tens device electrodes for cures when adult electrodes no longer persist with your facial skin.

Never spot tens element electrodes near your eye area or on your own neck nervous system, throat patience or near your mind.

Don't drift off to sleep with the tens unit electrodes on, or spot electrodes on open cuts.

Don't utilize a TENS unit if you have a innovator.

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