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A good many folks who are focused on recycling have almost turned it into a religion, and whereas, it may very well be a more fruitful religion than a good many other religions out there, I take a different approach. Okay so, let's talk about this for a moment shall we?

You see, there is a branch of philosophy which notes that anytime you do anything in life, you affect something else, yes, the laws of physics prove this, and thus, to prevent pollution is impossible, unless you are dead, but even when you die, you'd decompose and put out gases into the air, and change the soil beneath your feet, albeit you'd be fully recycled at some point, probably a lot faster than high-tech plastic for instance.

My approach and philosophy towards recycling goes something like this and realize I come from a business or entrepreneurial point of view, and yet, get to basically the same place as even a devout recycler, and yes, I do recycle personally, and so let me explain.

In business anything left over is waste, and waste is a mistake, it costs money, and it zaps efficiency and profits, therefore in a business sense it is in essence; Evil. Ah, so now we have the whole good versus evil motif, meaning maybe I am in line with those who've taken recycling to the religious level.

Too, one could say that Six Sigma in business processes is a lot like a religion, and wouldn't you know it also focuses on efficiency, perfection, and almost a utopian view of the perfect assembly line, supply chain, and processing of data, information, and the end services and products.

Now then, in all of this, recycling does have its place, re-using all waste, but even more than that, turn that waste into a benefit. And so, whereas, I am not an environmentalist at heart, we all have to breathe the air and drink the water, and I hate waste! So, with that said, I present to you my comments on the world of recycling, along with some ideas, concepts, and innovative thoughts, namely that basic philosophy.

If every business had that mindset, and if every citizen and consumer consider all this, then in the end there would be less waste, less pollution, and fewer hold-outs with excuses as to why they can't (read: won't) recycle. We can do better than this America, yes, we've come a long way, and good for us, but we have much more left to do, so, let's recycle today. 広島のリサイクルショップはリサイクルプロ

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