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There are certain footwear brands that have extensive name recognition. Hush Puppies is one of them. This brand of men's women's and children's casual shoes has become an American classic that's available worldwide. In fact, Hush Puppies footwear is available in more than 120 nations throughout the globe! Besides producing quality footwear, the company also manufactures items such as apparel and eyewear.

Whilst the logo for this brand depicts a dog, have you ever wondered which breed that dog is? It's actually a Basset Hound. These dogs are bred to use their sense of smell when hunting rabbits. In French, the term "Basset" means "rather low." This includes the root word "bas," which means "low."

James Gaylord Muir, the company's first sales manager, created the Hush Puppies brand name and mascot. Southern farmers would toss hush puppies (fried cornballs) at their barking dogs, in order to quiet them. During that era, the term "barking dogs" was also an idiom that referred to sore feet. So one goal of the company was to quiet people's tired feet!

Although numerous footwear brands exist today, few have existed for over half a century as this popular brand has. In fact, the brand was created while a company developed a method for tanning pigskins. In particular, the U.S. government wanted to develop pigskin materials that would protect its soldiers more effectively.

During its long history, they company underwent an incredible revival in the mid 1990s. In fact, the Wolverine company was deciding whether to phase out the Hush Puppies brand completely. In 1994, annual sales of the shoe brand at dropped to a paltry 30,000 units. Then the shoes became popular in downtown Manhattan, and various fashion designers started including them in their respective collections. The brand's sales skyrocketed to over 430,000 units in 1995, and then to over 1.7 million in 1996.

Here are some of the top features of :

1. Age and Gender: Models are available for men, women, and children. This means that one-stop shopping can provide shoes for your entire family. Other shoe companies only specialise in either adult or children's shoes, or only men's or women's shoes; few cater for the whole family.

2. New Arrivals and Outlet Shoes: When visiting the Hush Puppies homepage, you can order 'New Arrivals' models, as well as older "Outlet" models. While the Outlet models aren't the newest designs and styles, they still provide quality Hush Puppies shoes at a discounted price.

3. Styles: Although the company specialises in casual shoes, they offer a wide array of different styles. These include casual sshoes, dress shoes, boots, and so on. This means that it will be easier to find the perfect footwear style, for a particular occasion.

4. Online Shopping: This can help to save you a tremendous amount of time and effort, which can be particularly helpful during the hectic holiday season. アメカジ 通販 レディース

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