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Pet's life can be affected by winters in many ways. There may be times when the water in a bucket may freeze. In some cases, this may be dangerous as the pet will not have sufficient amount of water to drink. Using Farm Innovators QT-1 Pet Heated Bowl can help you solve this frozen water issue. It looks just like an ordinary water bucket but with an electric cable that powers the heater.

The heated bowl is properly constructed so that it does not tip over. In addition to that, the cable is layered with a heavy duty material making it chew-proof, so you can relax on that. Not only that, the product is also has a thermostat. This means that it only works when the surrounding gets to a very cold temperature.

The product consumes a mere 25 watts. With this being said, it will have little to no impact on the utility bill of the person using this. Not only that, the product is also covered with a 1 year warranty to provide consumers with a peace of mind.

However, by consuming such a low power, the product only heats up the water to a certain extent, please do not expect that this bowl will keep the water warm all the time. Experienced users claimed that the Farm Innovators 1 Quart Heated Bowl - Green Model QT-1, 25-Watt heats up only to a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius which may not be warm. However, it is designed to ensure that the water do not freeze up in winter seasons and with this being said and done, the product did a splendid job in achieving its purpose.

This heated pet bowl does what it says it will do, it prevents the water from freezing in colder season. It has several different colors available, you might want to check it out. 管明示シート

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