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Among the most frequent means of short-term funding typically is the actual discount of bills of exchange. The particular Bank carries out discounting bills of exchange issued by its shoppers or simply by alternative banks, with a discount rate established with Decision by the actual Bank's management. At stipulating contracts on discounting bills of exchange, a bill is transferred to the actual Bank. This instantly pays out to You the actual amount of the particular bill reduced by discounting fees. The bill of exchange is actually sent on collection at the actual maturity date. Advantages of bill discount competitive advantage, thanks in order to the actual possibility to be able to provide the trade partners more appealing types of payment, with longer terms improved financial liquidity not to mention economic ratios thanks to earlier transfers of receivables replacement of the actual credit-based sales (commercial loan) with cash sales (discount) possibility that would obtain off-balance sheet financing limitation of the risk related to be able to unreliability of debtors financing without recourse allows in order to employ credit lines for alternative transactions elimination of the particular risk of debtor's insolvency of throughout case of discount without recourse maintenance of the particular existing business relations throughout a situation of transient problems with financial liquidity regarding commercial partners Bill discount is designed for owners of checking and savings account at Bank Millennium, with current not to mention perspective credit capacity, who accept payments from their partners with regard to the shape of bills. Bill discount means short-term financing within the Bank without extra collateral except for the bill purchased by the Bank. The Bank purchases bills prior to their payment term at the actual cost reflecting the particular discount interest. The Bank discounts bills from the bill presenter who is actually the creditor of the amount of a bill of exchange and even holds a checking and also savings account at Bank Millennium. The actual Bank has buyers "single-source" bill discount and / or bill discount under a discount credit next signing "Discount credit agreement". Discount agreement is granted in PLN with maturity about 18 months, while the particular Bank accepts bills for discount inside about 12 months from signing the particular Agreement. It is actually important which the actual discount credit is renewable. Bill Discount credit has you security plus efficient financing of the current and even future liabilities, improved company's liquidity and in addition credibility, in addition to shorter lead-time between your order and also disbursement prepared by the Bank. One of several leading bill discount bank is found here 割引手形

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