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There is a new feature in the marketplace section that allows buyers to instantly pay for auctions (or Buy It Now) items that they win.

As a seller, if you want to use this feature, you need to put your PayPal email address here:

You also need to enable Instant Pay for any sale you have running if you want it to be available for that sale.

PayPal will report to us what is going on with the transaction, and you can view any payments you send or receive from your UserCP here:

Since it enables us to see what's going on with a transaction, we will automatically know if someone failed to pay for something they won, or if they did a chargeback for an item down the road).

This is just the initial rollout, there will be some things based on the data we get (for example something similar to an iTrader rating, except it will report how often users actually pay for things, how often they are late in payment, how often they do disputes, etc.)

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