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A funeral brochure is a tangible memory or keepsake of a loved one's funeral or memorial service. It contains detailed information about the person who died and the service. They come in several styles including bifold, trifold, graduated fold and large format layouts.

Elements of a Funeral Brochure

There are several pieces of important information typically included in a funeral brochure:

Full name of deceased person including nickname

Dates of birth and death

Time, date and location of funeral, memorial or celebration of life service

Name of officiant

Location of interment or burial

Names of pallbearers

Names of individuals presenting funeral resolution and eulogy

Songs, prayers or readings

Tribute or obituary

Favorite quotes, songs or hobbies

Photographs of deceased and his or her family

Personal notes

Make sure all the information included in the funeral brochure is accurate and grammatically correct. It is always good to have a second pair of eyes look over everything before you save and print it.

Creating a Funeral Brochure

Composing your own funeral or memorial service booklet is easy to do especially if you use a professional template. Many companies allow you to easily download software to your home computer and design the brochure yourself in just a few short steps.

The templates are pre-formatted files that allow you design exactly what you want. They come in different styles, layouts and designs and are typically available for instant download. Make sure your computer meets the system requirements before purchasing the template. Also, try and select a company with live customer support in case you have questions.

Designing Your Pamphlet

Even before purchasing your design template, make a list of how you want the brochure to look. Make sure you choose a style that fits the deceased person's style or personality.

For instance, you do not want to create something flashy if he or she was a very conservative or private person. Select a design that includes his or her favorite flower, color or outdoor scene. You can also select religious images, as well as backgrounds related to hobbies or favorite season.

Thoughts to keep in mind when designing your funeral brochure

Make sure you are comfortable and familiar using the template. Create a practice brochure just to get a feel for it. Understand which elements in the template remain stagnant and those that are changeable. For instance, if you choose a specific background, that typically cannot change; however, the fonts, images, text, borders, etc. is changeable. Save your work often. There's nothing worse than your computer crashing and you losing all of your hard work. Make sure your printer is in good working order and that you have enough ink. Purchase extra paper for when there are problems with printing. Allow ample time to fold the brochures before the memorial or funeral service.

Creating the perfect funeral brochure is easy to do if you have the time and the right template. Remember, this is a keepsake that family and friends will treasure for many years to come. 葬儀 中野

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