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Mink Pink Accessories - The ideal Addition to Any Costume

Hippies are a hard breed, there is no doubt about it. The unique Bohemian style calls for a certain comfort in addition to vintage appeal that may be a lot harder to achieve than what individuals would expect while also maintaining a high level of quality. When it comes to accessories, it is even harder to do. Luckily, Mink Pink has all of it figured out.

A Little about Mink Pink

Mink Pink is a young, Australian-based company that emerged onto the fashion scene just six issue. This great company has created so many different styles that evoke your fun, free spirit of the Bohemian style as well as the hippies that have influenced it. This company definitely has this sort of clothing all figured out, and, in addition, it produces many design of great accessories that add a wonderful touches to these great outfits. It does so with a top quality and authentic vintage touch who has already put this company in the top of the variety.


Purses are a essential accessory for free spirited styles. This is because certainly not will the modern style of handbag or shoulder case ever do. It just doesn't perform, no matter how vintage the look. This style needs something much more rustic and earthy. Of course, it needs to be something which might be worn at any moment. Practicality and comfort tend to be major issues where this fashion is concerned.

Mink Pink has created a line of fringed messenger bags with soft and smooth leathers with extra-long straps to get worn over the body in a very comfortable fashion. These messenger bags are the perfect fit and come in a number of sizes, with most of them in fairly basic and neutral colors. Mink Pink has the purse determined for sure.


Belts are yet another issue with all the Bohemian style. Because dresses and skirts are such a common piece of clothing with such a fashion, belts can't be built to go in belt loops inside jeans or dress leg protection. More often than not necessarily, they won't ever find these. A whole different type of belt than a lovely leather or studded belt ought to be created.

Of course, Mink Pink has belts worked out as well with it's unlikely that any, but two different plans. Soft leather extra-wide belts are presented by Mink Pink using double buckles in a variety of colors. These are perfect midriff pieces for dresses. And, if that doesn't operate, vintage-style metal belt buckles are available as well. These come complete with all the ornate, organic prints that are common on a lot of the Bohemian styles, especially skirts and dresses. One belt is also crafted of layers of metal for any whole new vintage style including a fun little jingle if you walk as well. Mink Pink adds a fantastic touch to its belts at the same time.

When you look for the bags and belts that will Mink Pink presents in order to supplement its outfits, you get an knowledge of the authenticity of the following young fashion company. It really knows the way to create a great, light Bohemian feel this free spirited people could love.

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