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Hush Puppies are a classic American footwear brand and are the pioneers of what we consider to be a casual shoe today. The parent company of Hush Puppies, Wolverine Worldwide, had been developing and researching applications for pigskin leather for the United States Military and applied the innovations and research into producing the classic casual shoe as we know it today. It combined a lightweight crepe sole for the shoe together with supple pigskin leather to create a breathable, lightweight, durable and comfortable shoe that quickly became popular after its launch on the market in 1958 and began to redefine what we consider to be a comfortable and casual shoe.

By the mid nineteen sixties the shoes had become a staple of US leisure wear due to the comfort and durability associated with the brand until the present day and the brand continues to combine the latest technology and innovations to create truly classic and comfortable shoes. The brand are never resting on their laurels though and continue to strive and excel in producing hardwearing and comfortable shoes through great design, use of materials and incorporating the latest technology and developments.

The company states on it's official website that it has its history literally rooted in technological innovations from the introduction of the world's first real casual shoe and continuing the tradition by developing numerous patents and testing new technologies to make shoes even more comfortable, hassle free, low maintenance and lightweight on the foot.

Some of the latest features for Hush Puppies include Worry-Free Suede that has been treated to be more resistant to staining, scuffing and resistant to water. The Comfort Fusion technology is another registered trademark of the brand and is a unique new comfort system. The outsole of a shoe is directly fused to the upper of the shoe for even more increased durability and comfort.

These are just two of the latest features of new additions to the extensive collection of shoes and boots and demonstrate that the brand is continually striving to produce the best possible shoe that it can. In general appearance a lot of Hush Puppies are generally non-descript and quite ordinary looking and have even been referred to as a boring brand as it has fallen in and out of favour with the shoe buying public. The brand was almost on the brink of collapse in the early 1990's with sales at an all time low but then enjoyed a major turn in its fortunes as the brand was rediscovered by a new generation and even went onto be awarded a fashion prize in 1996 proving that there was still a place for Hush Puppies shoes. Contrary to the old saying that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks,the brand and Jason the famous hound mascot continue to push the boundaries of comfortable shoes. What is next in the future? Hush Puppies hover boots or space shoes? Not as farfetched as it may sound. アメカジ ショップ

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