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Time is flying so fast these days. I remember being problematic about the perfect Christmas presents for mom in the year 2010 and now I am about to experience the same thing for the year 2011. Well, mom is not really hard to please but I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to gifts and when it comes to what will make my mom happy. I want to give all the best to her since she's been so kind, loving and patient with me while growing up. You can imagine how stubborn I was during my teens but my mom stood by me through thick and thin. She never left my side and she didn't blame me for any damage that I caused. Oh well, now that I am grown-up and matured already, I want to give back the favour to my mom. I always make sure that she gets what she deserves especially during special occasions like her birthday, Mother's day and Christmas. Anyway, here are some of my choices for the perfect Christmas gift ideas for mom this year:

1. Jewelries - my mom loves jewelries especially diamond not only because it's girl's best friend but also because it is her birthstone. She loves to wear earrings every time she goes out so I thought I can never go wrong with giving mom new piece of jewelry. She will surely love and appreciate this kind of gift.

2. Book - mom is also a bookworm. Whenever she has free time, she makes sure to read. Mom is also a bit old school so despite having an iPad, she still prefers the classic hardbound or softbound books. She brings at least two in her car. Now, I have to check her mini-library to see which ones she does not have yet.

3. Gardening tools - my mom is one adventurous woman - she likes to try out new things. Recently, she discovers interest in gardening. With this, I thought it would be a great idea to give her some gardening tools that she can use for her new hobby.

4. Bags and shoes - there is also nothing wrong with giving new pair of shoes and bag since mom - and I believe most moms love these items.

As of now, everything is all about ideas and thoughts, as I have not decided which best to give. I am sure I will get the answer to this within the week as Christmas is already fast approaching. ideas regalos

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