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Most people in America are lucky enough to have hot running water in their homes and businesses. However, there are times when hot water is preferred but isn't readily available. Many places offer a cold water faucet to which you can connect a hose but they don't offer a hot water faucet. Cold water may be acceptable for many activities (especially on a hot day) but may be undesirable for numerous situations. This article provides scenarios where it would be useful to utilize a hot water portable unit to remedy those situations.

The places/activities described below are situations where hot water may not be available without the aid of a portable water heater:


A water heater portable unit offers the capability of a portable shower when there's a long wait for the shower, there's no hot water left at the showers or there's no shower stalls at all A hot water portable unit allows you to wash greasy dishes and other camping equipment with ease A jportable water heater enables you to clean/flush wounds in an emergency without adding to the discomfort of the wounded

Dog Shows

Great for washing your dog in preparation for the dog show Allows for easier clean up after the show


Wash wounds Flush skin exposed to hazardous material Can be used for site clean up


Wash livestock Flush livestock wounds Clean the barn stalls and chicken coop Wash farm equipment


Clean cars, trucks, tractors and lawn mowers Fill Hot Tubs Wash patios and decks

Horse Care

Washing your horse with the proper water temperature in any season A hot water portable unit is great for cleaning your horse before and after the horse show competitions Stable clean-up after the horse show


A water heater portable unit conveniently bathes the kennel animals Wash the kennel area


Convenient hot water portable shower Clean wounds Clean equipment

Pet Care

Conveniently bathe pets with temperature controlled water

Poolside or Lakeside

Water Heater Portable shower is ideal to wash off the chlorine, sand, dirt and grass after a swim


Flush animal wounds Clean up animal waste


Clean up while traveling

With today's technology, there are various makes, models and sizes of portable water heaters that are offered at a wide range of prices. These portable water heaters need a water supply and a power supply to operate. Some models allows you to heat water four times faster than a home water heater and may be powered by either an electrical outlet or a 12 Volt truck battery. If you're going to use the portable heater in a remote area, you should consider a model that can be powered by a 12 volt battery. 給湯器 交換 費用

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