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A durable, flexible safety whip can provide you with confidence when on the job or at play. A whip is basically a tall pole that mounts onto a truck, ATV or other work vehicle that helps identify a vehicle. It usually has some type of flag at the top and is occasionally lighted for early dawn and evening work and even used in darker warehouses and factories.

Variations of safety whips

As with many consumer and industrial products today, whips come with a variety of choices. The height, color and attachment to the vehicle base are all options to look for. In addition, flag choices for the top of the whip are very diverse - from standard safety flags to colorful and fun alternatives.

One of the first selections you'll make will be the height of the whip. For smaller uses they come as short at 3 feet, all the way up to 12 feet, and with extensions available. This makes sure that no matter where you attach the whip, whether the bumper or the top of a tail gate on a truck, you can have visibility. Whips can come in multiple colors too. While white or silver is the most common, you can practically pick your own color when you shop online. Why, there are even neon whips that are lit for incredible visibility.

Attaching the Safety Whip

Once you've chosen your whip, you can look for the attachment features. Most require a mounting hole if there's not a place to insert the bracket, lock washer and jam nut. You can attach the whip with a hot plug with or without a hot wire pigtail, or with a spring mount for lighted or unlighted feature.

Magnetic mount bases are available for the 3 to 5 foot whips, but it's cautioned that they are used only for temporary use. The magnetic mounts have the capacity for lighting as well. You can also attach your safety whip with an ultra heavy duty spring mount, providing firm vertical support when a vehicle is traveling at high speeds.

Heavy Duty Safety Whip

For heavy duty, off-road use of a safety whip, other important elements are available, such as billet fold down clamp mount and billet fold down tab mount brackets. You'll want high quality in the power cable, so be sure to research that the cable is continuous. This will protect against pinched wires, hot plug power connections and multiple shoulder joints - all of which can cause failure due to corrosion. The quality of the cable is important too, and you'll want it to be made of a high grade, thermoplastic elastomer that withstands a wide range of temperatures, from below freezing to over 100 degrees. These specialty extra hardy whips can often be ordered to your specifications.

Working or not, when you're off-road it's a good idea to be seen, so equip yourself with a safety whip on your all-terrain vehicle or truck. 絶縁養生

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