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Another break through by Apple when it comes to the telecommunication device is the new iPhone 4. The release of this model is barely a year ago - 2010 to be exact. Since the iPhone 4 is just new, accessories for it are not much available in the market yet or there is less to choose from. iPhone 4 Cases for an instance is very rare in the market compared to iPhone 3G's cases.

We cannot hide the fact that an iPhone 4 is more expensive than the regular smart phones and it is just right or it is a must that you take good care of your unit. Protective casing is an accessory that is used to prevent scratches, slips, shock absorber, a screen protector and stand for your precious iPhone 4.

iPhone 4 Cases are categorized from a simple case to a decorative case to a heavy duty case. This article will give you a listing of the best iPhone 4 Casing and see which one works best for you and your lifestyle.

Different types of iPhone 4 Cases

Ballistic HC - HC means Hard Core protection. It has four layers of protective covering. Case-Mate Tough Case - It is not as bulky as the other heavy duty iPhone 4 Case. It is also available in different colors. Cygnette Workmate - This gives double protection rubber material. The screen is protected by a stick on protector. iSkin Revo 4 - This is a very versatile casing for it comes in different colors like: Black, Pink and Yellow. Ivy Skin Quattro 4 - This case is popular because it was first introduced during the launch of iPhone 3G. It also have colorful casing design and a "Touch-Thru" screen cover. Otterbox Defender - this have a sleek design, protective screen cover, holster and belt clip. Seidio iPhone 4 Rugged Combo - this has a three layer protection and a holster. This is a very versatile case because you can strip the first layer of protection to make the whole case thinner and less bulky. Sena Hampton Flip - this is a leather casing suited for corporate style. It provides full protection to the front of the phone because of the flip cover. Trident Cyclops - This cannot be a member of the heavy duty iPhone 4 Cases. It is thin but still provides little protection from scratches. It also comes in different colors. Trident Kraken - This is also available in multiply colors and you get the maximum protection if you have this kind of iPhone 4 Casing. You do not get a holster with this kind of case but you get a belt clip.

So here is the list of the different kinds of iPhone 4 Casing and a bit of description about it. Remember - having any case protector no matter how heavy duty it is, if you really don't know how to take good care of your unit, everything will be worthless. 耐電用品

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