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Are you going bald? Let's be honest, even though you won't admit it outright, those extra hairs on your pillow in the morning and the black mass in your shower drain indicate you may be suffering from male pattern baldness which actually affects about 60% of men. This can be treated early but most men will miss the signs and symptoms until they can't ignore the bald spot or receding hair line any more. If you are at this stage then the best way to get hair growing in these areas again is with hair implant surgery.

There are two drugs which can slow down the hair loss if they are used early enough in the process. The first is Minoxidil and is applied topically to the scalp twice a day. This drug has been approved by the US FDA as a hair loss treatment and is effective for about 50% of men who use it. The second drug, also FDA approved, is Finasteride. This is an oral medication that works about 75% of the time but it can have some serious side effects. In fact, women are not even allowed to handle the tablets for fear the active ingredient will be absorbed through their skin and cause birth defects.

Although a man can have some relief from the loss of hair associated with premature balding by the application of these drugs, they are not 100% effective and they don't really help when the hair has completely fallen out of an area. In order to treat this problem you must replace the hair follicles which are no longer active.

Getting hair implants is not really a major endeavor any more. It used to require a fairly extensive surgery experience with scalp actually being removed from the donor spot, usually the back of the head, and then the follicles removed from these strips of scalp. The surgeon would then have to make incisions in the bald area to place the implanted hairs. Now, with a method called Direct Hair Implantation, the surgeon can remove the follicle and all supporting materials from the scalp directly and implant them into very small holes in the scalp. This means the procedure can often times be done in an afternoon visit at the doctor's office and you can leave with no bandages or other signs of the surgery. ノーフォークテリア 抜け毛

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