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For many of us (young and old alike) a trip to Disneyland Paris is a dream. I will always remember the amazement on my children's faces when they first entered the park and saw all their favourite characters we did truly have a magical holiday.

So how much of a reality is a trip to Disneyland Paris is it really affordable or is it out of most peoples' price ranges? Well if you take time to plan and research all your options you will be able to make huge savings but you need to remember that this is a special place and as such you do have to pay a premium. I always find this a challenge and love thinking up ways of finding savings as this can add to the fun of the trip.

Booking a package deal well in advance can often be the cheapest option as this is when the special offers are at their best. You will also find that the offers are limited so the earlier you book the more choice you will have over hotels etc. As a rule of thumb I would do a little research on the websites so I know how much a package is and then have a trip down to my local travel agent and give them the challenge of beating the price you could be surprised what they come up with. It may not be cheaper but they will often add in a few extras that would usually have incurred a charge.

If you want to tie in a visit to Disney as part of a holiday in France then I would suggest you also do a little research, buying tickets in advance usually works out cheaper than on the gate. Rail companies and other travel providers often have special deals for example if you cross with Eurotunnel you can get a free day hopper pass and 15% off additional tickets which is a huge saving especially if there are several of you travelling together.

If you are not staying on site then look at each aspect of you trip as you don't want any nasty surprises when you are there. The main things to consider are;


Accommodation Entrance Passes Food and Drink Car Parking Souvenirs Extras - such as Wild West Show All of the above can work out quite pricey but savings can be made on all of the above with careful planning for example staying offsite in an apartment is often much cheaper than the onsite hotels. Consider buying a half board option from Disney as this works out much cheaper than buying individual meals. Car Parking works out at -12.00 per day it may be better to use a shuttle service from your hotel ディズニーランド ツアー 福岡発

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