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Health care jobs are always better paying and offer more job security than jobs in any other industry or organization. The entry level job in the health care industry is that of the unit clerk. The unit clerk performs a basic but very essential job in a hospital, health care center or a clinic. It can over a period of time lead to further advancements in career prospects in the health care industry.

A unit clerk is an important person in a hospital, nursing home, clinic or a health care center. He prepares as well as compiles records that pertain to a nursing unit in the hospital or health care facility or a nursing home. It is his responsibility to correctly record the names and the addresses of the patients also the name of the doctor that the patient wishes to consult. This helps in accurate preparation of medical records especially of new patients. It is the job of the unit clerk to write down information like the patient's temperature, pulse rate, and blood pressure from the record of the nurses, into the medical records of the patients.

The unit clerk is also responsible for recording information such as the orders as well as the instructions given by the doctor, the dietary requirements of the patient and the information regarding the patient's medication, on the patient's charts also the medical records. He is responsible for maintaining the files of the medical records of the patients in the unit that he is working in. He also prepares the discharge notices of the patients and informs the business office of the hospital about the same. In addition he has the added responsibility of requesting for the supplies that are needed by the doctors as well as the nurses in the unit.

Other jobs that are carried out by the unit clerk include answering the phone and the intercom, giving information and messages to patients and medical staff. He directs visitors to the patients' rooms, distributes newspapers, mail and flowers to the patients. In some cases the is also responsible for keeping a record of the unit staff information and records their attendance and absence from work. Yet another job that he performs is to transport patients in wheel chairs or stretchers from one place in the unit to the locations where they have to be taken within the hospital. For example the unit clerk takes a patient from his room to the radiology department for an x-ray to be taken.

It is essential for unit clerks to handle their jobs with speed and accuracy simultaneously. At times the records of the patients can be complicated as there could be different orders from the different doctors that are treating the patient as per the various test results, diet requirements and so on. At times there are unit clerks who are also certified nursing assistants. They are therefore competent to offer non-medical aid to a patient like bathing and dressing a patient. It is essential that a unit clerk must always be courteous as well as professional in his approach to patients, visitors as well as the staff of the hospital. They must also have the ability to handle stress in a calm manner. 医師 求人 長野県

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