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Review sites do not praise iPod cases for their sublet features, but these small, minor features often make a big difference in why people end up buying a case or not. A case is more than just a plastic armor for your item; it will spare you the hassle of having to order a $200 plus iPod in case you drop your current one. If you ever plan on selling your iPod, you will want to safeguard it from scuff marks and scratches that can suck out the value of the device when you wish to sell the item to someone else. Before you hurry off and get a case, take a look at some of these features to help you locate the right case.

Material Matters

Never buy a case that's made of just plastic, as you might end up just throwing away your money because of it. The case material should provide the following three properties: it should be lightweight, strong and simple to clean. Plastic iPod cases damage easily after too many falls, while silicon cases attract dirt easily, so a better alternative is soft plastic. Lightweight, heavy-duty and easy to clean, soft plastic will not allow any dirt stains or grease stains to form on an item made of it. Compared to other cases, soft plastic offers plenty of protection against large drops and is proven to be tough against tiny drops that can damage or break other cases.

Full Screen Protection

If you do ever elect to sell your iPod, you will need to have the screen in great condition instead of having it all scratched and mangled like other devices. In order to defend the screen and keep it looking new, a case should also provide a screen protector to eliminate any damage. You'll want a screen protector that is small enough for you to execute all the correct swipe gestures, yet large enough to endure the strongest nicks and bumps without peeling. Be aware, a lean protector may not withstand a little scratch and can often cause the protector to chip and lose its ability to defend the iPod.

Accessories Galore

You'll need a case that provides plenty of access to third-party devices, from radios to docking stations. All should include an opening at the bottom to allow for access to devices, and this opening should be large enough to support thousands of accessories. If the hole is little, chances are you might have an issue accessing all of your accessories, so please be aware of this minor feature. Please note, the color of the case may be important, but these tiny features will tell whether your case is worthy of its price or not. ゴム輪

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