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You may have two main concerns when you rent a car. The first is that you may damage the car itself. The second is that you may damage someone else's property or injure them with the rental car. This is, of course, why it is typically a good idea to have appropriate rental car hire insurance in place for your rental.

This typically entails

CDW or collision damage waiver for damage to the car; third party cover for situations involving injury to other people or damage to their property.

With CDW cover as supplied by the car hire company, you may find that you may still be responsible for paying the excess in the event of a claim being required. This obviously depends on what exactly has happened to the car but if could be as much as 1600.

Third party cover for rentals in the UK and some other countries will provide you with unlimited cover, which means that if some one were to sue you for damages, then your insurance would have to cover the total award.

For rentals in some countries like the USA, third party cover is not unlimited and you could find that it can fall far short of what a court may award in damages - leaving you with financial responsibility for finding the rest.

Depending on your exact rental circumstances and personal preferences, you may think it worthwhile to purchase additional insurance to reduce your chances of having to pay excess or of facing a shortfall in damages.

This is available from the car hire companies but you may find that similar policies on offer from rental car hire insurance specialists may offer more cost-effective prices. レンタカー

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