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If you've never used a bread maker you may have a few questions about making bread in a bread machines. Some common questions include: Is it hard to use? What's with all the settings and choices? What ingredients will I need? Do all my measurements have to be precise? Today I'll try to address some of these questions for you. Is it hard to use? Making bread in a bread machines is relatively easy once you get the hang of it. It really consists of measuring and placing the ingredients in the baking pan, setting the desired baking mode, removing the baking pad, and removing the bread. One of the benefits of owning a bread machines is its ease of use. It takes away all the hard work of actually making bread from scratch leaving you more time to actually enjoy it. What's with all the settings and choices? Depending on the bread machines you might have a few settings or a great deal of them. These settings allow for the different types of bread to be made. You can also set timers to delay baking so you can have a loaf ready for you at a specific time. Do all my measurements need to be precise? If you read the manuals that come with a bread machines they will tell you to follow the recipe exactly as stated. The same goes for bread making recipe books. This makes sense if you're concerned about consistency and reliability in your baking. Once people become more experienced however many of them began to try variations on the measurements. Be cautious if you plan on doing this as you're bound to have some failures in the beginning. Just keep this in mind and you can have a lot of fun being creative. Common Questions As you can see making bread in a bread machines is easy and the settings are designed to give you access to different bread, dough, and additional food options. Some basic ingredients are always used but you can also add fruits, nuts, and grains depending on the recipe. Your measurements should be precise but don't be afraid to experiment after you get the hang of it. Freshly baked bread is one of the most comforting aromas I can think of. Unfortunately, not everyone can bake fresh bread to a point of perfection. If you are looking for a surefire way to put your bread machines to good use, you have come to the right place. No more wasted bread, no more beautiful crust and hollow inside; just good ole' fashioned homemade bread you can be proud of. We have compiled some of the best homemade bread baking tips in a bread machines we could find on the internet. These tips have been tried and put to the real test, coming through with flying colors that would make even Grandma proud. 1. Get to know your machine. This might sound odd, but knowing the settings, times and cycles of your bread machines is one of the key elements to making great tasting homemade bread. 2. Check the consistency of your bread dough after 7-8 minutes to ensure it is correct. If it appears to be too dry you can add 1 tsp. of water to it at a time and allow your machine to work the water into it. Repeat if necessary. If it is too moist you can add 1 tsp. of flour to it and repeat if necessary. 3. Set the controls on your bread machines to match the type of bread you are making. 4. Pay attention to the beeps. The beeps are letting you know one cycle is done. This is when you add extra ingredients before the bread begins to cook. For more on bread machines visit Best Bread Maker

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