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Vancouver is the 3rd largest city in Canada (Toronto and Montreal are on the first 2 places) with a population of 2 to 2.6 million. (Depending on how many of the suburbs included). It has a warmer climate (with Victoria) of Canada. Some experts predict that by 2040 Vancouver would be the most populated city in Canada, with about 10 million inhabitants. I personally believe it is somewhat exaggerated.

Nightlife & culture in Vancouver:

Vancouver offers up all kinds for all tastes. The most popular areas to go are: Gastown, Yaletown and around Granville Street. Vancouver's gay area is located in Davie... west of Granville Street. In Vancouver there are also several clubs that allow access only to members and some restaurants are also double bar. Some of these sites offer live music. The outlook has improved since changed the licensing laws of the bars. Nightclubs and bars can now serve alcohol until 04.00, provided that the council allows.The new Comodore Ballris the best place to enjoy performances by famous artists, who also tend to play at the Cambie Str., Orpheum, 601 Smithe Street, and in Vogue, 918 Granville Street. The most famous artists often play at the General Motors Place or BC Place Stadium in. Despite the claims of Toronto and Montreal, Vancouver is the most multicultural cities in Canada, 36-37% of Vancouver's population are foreign born, which is the highest of any major city in the world. That makes the city more multicultural than New York, probably from having large proportions of 2 or 3 ethnic groups rather than large groups from many sources, such as Toronto or New York.

In Gastown, Picadily Street, is a very popular and sometimes has live band performances. Only allowed access to over 19 years do not need a passport, but somehow often request identification to verify younger age. None of the above casinos charge admission or require a special dress code.

Vancouver is the secondlargest port in North America and one of the biggest cruise ports around the world. It occupies the 4th place worldwide in terms of final destinations for cruise ships. Linked to the above, the Vancouverites eat in restaurants more often than any city from America. Also give a good tip. Go Guides Restaurants Dining Out section. There will also find links to vegetarian restaurants. Vancouver is also famous for its schools: many students spend a few months in this Canadian city to learn english. Click on Sprachaufenthalt Kanada for more information on these english lessons.

Vancouver is the third or the second movies production center in North America. It is also (after Los Angeles) the largest producer of television and third after LA and NY in production Miniseries. This is partly due to favorable tax concessions granted to the industry, temperate climate all year, and the variety of locations that is Vancouver. East Vancouver is a little more obscure. Waazubee, 1622 Commercial Drive, is a favorite of locals and serves food at very reasonable prices. Bukowski's Drive, is a popular place that sometimes has live music. Caf? 2 organizes performances of folk and rock at night.

The Dufferin Hotel bar, 900 Seymour Street, offers cabaret-style entertainment to a mostly gay clientele. The fountain Pub is a place a little quieter with outdoor seating that also attracts a gay clientele.

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