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Arrived in Turgoyak, Russia. Pretty frosty though I'm a company believer located in there's simply the bad choice of clothes rather as compared to bad weather. The scenery this is actually unbelievable. The huge lake has always been frozen over and consequently we've wind up flying around upon ski-bikes which usually ended up being great.

We consider any short video associated with you arriving in convoy using some for our friends. Our good friend Max who's driving this particular car within front for us will be a surgeon and in addition has been called back to help you Chelyabinsk just just after midnight about New Years eve since some dickhead experienced stabbed him self from this particular arm. So right after any kind of a 2 hour or so drive there, 2 hours in order to fix this particular idiot and in addition the two hour drive back again he had been back via this Vodka with the rest of us . When we will Arrived from Turgoyak, Russia, we all manage to help took a number of pictures of me personally and Irina the morning following this particular evening before, I recognize I look fantastic directly on this particular photograph but seems may be deceiving.. I felt shit!

I even manage to be able to required Max our doctor pictures whilst 'Andre this particular Animal' (that is truly his / her fighting name) required full edge associated with this simple fact that Max hadn't slept throughout twenty-four hours!!! You won't feel this surrounding UFC within the snow, this tends to make me and Irina because I get any brief split coming from extreme Vodka usage the night before, as well as anyone know what my personal dear family & buddies is this particular absolute finest cure for the hangover!

You will most likely choose numerous actions there, and also obviously this many entertaining thing to be able to do is you will need for you to consider the walk across the frozen lake And while strolling you can spotted a couple pertaining to fishermen, therefore much fun.

The following day a number of us away head back to Chelyabinsk. Until next time folks remember to check our empower network website with regard to any fun pictures along with videos associated with Turgoyak, Russia.

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