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Most people associate wearing Harlem 125 wigs with Halloween because costume parties abound during this occasion. What many people may not realize is that wigs may be used daily, too. For instance, news broadcasters wear wigs to make them look good. Actors also wear wigs to portray a certain character more effectively. Singers and performers wear wigs to sport different hairstyles every now and then without putting too much stress on their real hair.

Some people even wear wigs when they go to work. They find it convenient to use because they don't have to fix their hair in the morning. Others find using wigs as a cheaper alternative to going to salons to have their hair styled for special occasions.

While some wigs are costly, maintaining them doesn't have to be as expensive. Using common household items like eggs is enough to maintain a wig's natural shine without compromising its quality. If you've ever wondered what other items may work for your wig, read the following suggestions below.


Diluted white vinegar may be ideal for your Harlem 125 wigs because vinegar has disinfecting properties. Mix one part vinegar to three parts water and put the solution on a spray bottle. Lightly spray the solution on the wigs and leave it on for a few minutes to let the vinegar do its work. Afterwards, you can now wash your wigs as prescribed in the instructions.


You can use olive oil and almond oil on your if you want them to have a silky smooth shine. Place a small amount of oil in your hands and gently dab this on the wig before you use it. The oils will react with the wig's fibers and give it a lively shine.

Baking soda

Baking soda mixed with lukewarm water is a good way to stop buildups on your Harlem 125 wigs. Just add a teaspoon of baking soda to your usual shampoo and lukewarm water mix for the wigs and let the wig soak in it for an hour. The baking soda will eliminate most of the dead cells that may be clinging to the wigs and thereby eliminate your problems. ウィッグ

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