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The custom of sending thank you cards is more than observing good manners. When people reach out to you during a difficult time such as the death of a loved one, you want to let them know that you sincerely appreciate their actions. Whether they offered their support just by being there or comforted and helped you in some other way, you don't want to let it pass. Creating a very special, very personal thank you card will let everyone know how much you appreciate their kindness and thoughtfulness.

The thought of actually having to compose and send your funeral acknowledgments, though, can be discouraging. You may feel as if you don't have the inner resources to express yourself right now, or perhaps you've never been comfortable with the written word. Faced with a stack of blank cards, or cards with a polite little verse that just doesn't say enough by itself, you might decide to postpone the task indefinitely.

Fortunately, today's trend in personalization extends to your thank you cards. With advice and assistance from your funeral director and a company that specializes in creating personalized funeral stationery, you can compose a message that says exactly how you feel. You'll be able to express your gratitude to your friends, family and everyone else who extended a hand to you during your sorrow.

Along with your personal thank you, add comforting words such as a favorite quote, a line or two from a poem or a spiritual reference. Select a patriotic or military phrase to honor a soldier or veteran. Add a phrase your loved one used all the time or the lyric of a favorite song. In short, choose anything that embodies, for you, the essence of the person.

Photos and other images will make the cards even more personal, whether you choose to place them on the front of the thank you card or on an inside page. Use the same photo or image you used on other funeral stationery, or choose a completely different one.

Select an overall theme to customize your thank you cards. The options are nearly endless, ranging from themes that relate to the deceased's occupation or hobbies to seasonal, floral, location or other themes. Lives that ended much too soon, those of children and young adults, can be depicted with themes designed just for them.

If you like, add the name of the funeral home and the date of the funeral, and any detail that makes your thank you as special as the person you loved. 葬儀 稲城

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