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Transaction charges

The obvious approach when it comes to online transaction charges is to opt for the cheapest provider. Going down this route and ignoring all the other points below could badly affect your business if things like usability, service and security are not up to scratch.

Security of information

If you want people to buy from you online, they will need to feel they can trust you and your website. Choosing a well established payment services provider will help create an element of trust, as will having the relevant security certificates displayed on your site.

Your site should also have a privacy policy which clearly explains how your customers' personal data and information is used.

A choice of payment methods

The last thing you want to do when selling products online is put up barriers to receiving payment. For example, accepting credit and debit cards is wise rather than one or the other. You may also want to have an option for people to pay via their PayPal account so they don't have to enter their card details online when checking out.

Ease of use

Usability is another big consideration in choosing an online payment service provider. How easy will your customers find it to complete the checkout process? A complicated checkout can lead to high shopping cart abandonment rates and lost sales for your business. Make sure you have a look at other websites using your preferred payment service provider before committing yourself.

Fraud prevention measures

As an online retailer you'll be liable for any fraudulent transactions that take place on your website. For example, if you receive a suspicious order for an unusually large quantity of one of your products you need to be on the ball and check that it's genuine before sending it out.

Many payment service providers have in-built fraud prevention measures but you should be alert to the warning signs such as the delivery and billing address being different or unusual delivery instructions.

Choosing a reputable payment services provider will usually ensure some measures are in place but you shouldn't rely solely on these. If you send out goods that have been bought fraudulently from your website, you will lose the goods as well as having to reimburse the genuine card holder. 決済代行 手数料

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