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There's no denying that inkjet printers are the most widely used type of printer for both business and home applications. Inkjet printers are affordable and produce high-quality output, whether text or graphics. Some inkjet printer owners try to save money either by refilling their empty ink cartridges or by buying cartridges made by third parties, not by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). In the long run, this isn't a wise option. Read on to learn why a product like the HP 363BK ink cartridge is a better choice.

Overall Rating:

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Key Features:

The HP363 ink cartridge is compatible with the following HP Printers: PhotoSmart models 3210, 3310, and 8250. Although the ink is fade resistant and smudge resistant, it is not water resistant. Like many other types of cartridges, this one consists of a carrier fluid and a colourant. For most inkjets, the carrier fluid is water, and the colourant is either a dye, a pigment, or a combination of both. The carrier fluid evaporates as the ink dries, leaving the colourant behind on the substrate, usually paper. Small amounts of other additives are present, and these work to control print head corrosion, pH level, fade resistance, drop formulation and (in the case of colour printers) colour brilliance.


About 17.00

Independent Test Results

When compared to third-party brands, also called "compatibles," HP ink cartridges like the 363BK print up to an incredible 65% more pages. In addition, when refilled cartridges were tested, an alarmingly high percentage, 33%, failed. Some non-HP brands failed right out of the package, while not a single HP cartridge did.

HP's Commitment to the Environment

HP offers convenient and free recycling. Over 125 million cartridges have been returned and recycled since the company began the program in the late 1990s. HP uses a "closed-loop" recycling process, and has made than 500 million new cartridges from recycled plastic. HP's Planet Partners recycling service is an easy and free way to recycle empty HP inkjet cartridges. In the company's own words:

"We wholly integrate environmental considerations into our business strategy because this results in better products. We manage our facilities and conduct our business activities to minimize environmental impacts and promote the welfare and safety of our employees and customers impact."

With such a forward-looking vision, it's no wonder that products like the HP 363BK ink cartridge are so highly regarded all over the world. 名古屋のリサイクルショップはリサイクルプロ

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