De Wikis en Educación

I will give you the power of 1500 Wikis insane ip diversity so straight to the point

Here s what you get for $5

If you're serious about SEO, and aren't using Wiki Backlinks in your current offsite linking scheme, you're most likely miles behind your competition. Wiki sites tend to have thousands, or tens of thousands of indexed pages...

And Google absolutely loves them!

Links from Wiki sites can help to skyrocket your rankings while helping your site establish authority status. They're a known trade secret among serious SEO firms, and now they're available to you.

So straight to the point - Here's what you'll get: 3.000+ contextual links on unique PR0 - PR6 Wikisites including quite a few .edu/.gov domains

1,500+ URL links, to give more diversity, and to look more natural, for manual inspection . 

Dripped submission by Lindexed Pro to speed up the crawling rate I've did a lot of tests with WEB 20 and other mass backlink services and in comparison these results are off the hook.

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