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Dear Fellow Marketer,

If you're serious about SEO, and aren't using Wiki Backlinks in your current offsite linking scheme, you're most likely miles behind your competition. Wiki sites tend to have thousands, or tens of thousands of indexed pages...

And Google absolutely loves them! Links from Wiki sites can help to skyrocket your rankings while helping your site establish authority status. They're a known trade secret among serious SEO firms, and now they're available to you.

Extreme Wiki Poster v1.0 (EWP) is easy to use and completely automated.Saving you the time consuming task of posting content to Wiki sites, while generating you thousands or tens of thousands of powerful backlinks!

Spin-tax Supported

EWP comes with spin-tax support, offering support for deep-spun, or highly-nested articles... making posting highly unique articles to thousands of Wiki sites as simple as clicking a few buttons.

Add your content as a Brand New Page

While other tools only allow posting to the user-pages of a Wiki site,EWP is the ONLY tool on the market which allows you to create a brand new page, with your own content and backlinks. This gives you the flexibility to choose how and where you want your backlinks to show up,on the title page, or on both userpage and the title page! Hence EWP is even able to post two contextual backlinks on 2pages per Wiki. You can't be that!

Built In Captcha Bypass Technology

Captchas can be a nightmare for any SEO related task. The good news is that EWP has you covered! EWP supports both DeathbyCaptcha and Captcha Sniper, making captcha style security checks an non-issue. Now we know what you're thinking; There are plenty of captcha killers on the market... hence many Wiki sites have implemented math captchas as well right? You'd be right, but that's no problem for EWP! EWP has built in logic to solve those pesky math type captchas... something the competition just can't compete with!

Multi Threaded Posting

EWP can handle up to 999 threads at a time, making it the fastest Wiki site poster on the market. Now you might be wondering, "Is it resource heavy?" The answer is absolutely not! We've taken tremendous effort and planning in the development process to keep the RAM and CPU usage to an absolute minimum while keeping the program incredibly stable. We've been able to import a list of 82,000 Wiki sites cum clearing duplicate urls at domain level in under 2 seconds! Whatever your system specs may be, you'll be happily assured you're getting the most bang for your buck with EWP! You can simply watch the resource usage in the Meter.

Installation Instructions

   Download and install .net 2.0+ (EWP works best with .net 4.0).
   Download EWP and run it.
   You will be prompted to enter your licensing information.
   That's it! Enjoy using EWP as a part of your SEO arsenal.

Using EWP

   Under "Main Menu", set a unique username and password
   Under "Proxies/Sites", Import proxies if you wish to use, and import your list of Wiki sites (duplicate domains are removed automatically).
   Under the Article tab, import your spun article for use when posting to Wiki sites. Make sure your links are included in the article!
   Under "Settings", set your desired captcha settings. You can either skip captcha sites or choose between DeathByCaptcha, CaptchaSniper or manually captcha solving for text type captchas, (math type captchas will be solved automatically).
   Set your desired amount of threads to run and click the start button.
   Go grab a cup of coffee. You've earned it!


EWP is available in two different versions to suite your budget and needs.Checkout Extreme Wiki Poster The Ultimate Wiki Posting Tool

Upcoming Addons

(Note additional add on features are still in the planning and development phase) Wiki Link Indexer Addon - Get all of your wiki backlinks indexed with the click of a button! Multi-client Poster - Run multiple blasts for multiple sites in a single run! Wiki Link List Compiler - Manage lists of thousands of unique Wiki sites! Perfect for accumulating huge numbers of supported Wiki Sites! and much, much more....

The EWP team is excited to take an active role in user feedback and implement suggestions into future add ons. If you can dream it, we'll be happy to do it. Our success depends on your success... and with EWP, the sky is the limit!

Support and Updates

We are constantly working to improve EWP, so you can be assured this tool will last. Updates will be frequent and our support is rock solid. For version 2.0 we're working on supporting new platforms and an improved GUI. Version 3.0 has some exciting surprises in store for you!

EWP has been tested on the following platforms: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server Additions

EWP has not been tested, but should have no problem running, on the following platforms: Win95, Win98, Windows Millenium

Currently, EWP is not supported on the following platforms: Linux, Apple Mac, and any additional platforms not mentioned above.

Support is always available via email. Send us your questions to support[at] © 2012

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