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The intelligent innovation of HP Designjet wide format printing technology and the high performance of Adobe PostScript 3 RIP software makes it easy to produce impressive and effective prints, regardless of industry or application.

Many printer manufacturers use emulated PostScript as a low-cost alternative to paying a license fee to Adobe; however, HP includes only true Adobe PostScript in its Designjet products to ensure you have the highest-quality printing experience from start to finish.

Benefits include:

Efficiency: Reduce steps—there's no need to plug a USB into your PC to print a PDF/PS file; instead, print directly from an intuitive HP touchscreen.

Quality: Express every detail of your vision precisely with sharp definition, vibrant colors, accurate lines, and superior resolution.

Versatility: Handle complex documents, technical drawings, diagrams, floor plans, blueprints, maps, schematics, PDF, JDF, CAD, and other files easily and effectively.

Accuracy: Ensure your PDF files process the way you intended—avoid carriage stops, printing artifacts, and other errors.

Adobe PostScript is a programming language first introduced by Adobe Systems in 1985. It revolutionized the printing industry and continues to set the global printing and imaging standard for PostScript technology, allowing you to print any document, text, graphics, images, and color at the very highest quality possible—from any computing platform to any supported device.

The future of printing has arrived with a range of HP Designjet printers featuring Adobe PostScript 3 RIP software, available either built-in or as an accessory upgrade.

BuyDesignJet is an HP partner and leading source for new and refurbished HP DesignJet technologies, wide format printers, plotters, and parts.

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