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What do you remember when you think of your twenties? For most people, memories in twenties means being fresh out of college, struggling to get into a suitable career line, working hard to make ends meet, and hoping for a bright and well-settled future. A future when you will not need to work for 15 hours a day just to prove yourself. Now when you are in your thirties, have a well-settled career (for which you have worked throughout our life), you may find it shocking to see yourself considering a career change!

It is indeed a well-known fact that a large number of people in their thirties refrain from career assessment. This is because thinking about a career change at this stage of life reminds them of all the studies, hard-work, and frantic job shuffling they went through in order to reach to the position where they are today. However, the truth is that amidst changing jobs with a hope of getting better career growth, you might have ended in a job that you either don't like or don't intend to stay with.

If you are considering a mid-life career change, it might surprise people around you. However, it is not that unusual. Remember the time when you were in your twenties. You were financially dependent on your family, you had no industry experience and the only strength you had was the determination to make it big in your career. Now, after gaining a decade of industry experience and knowledge, you will find yourself in a much better position to think about the things that you really want to do in your life.

Of course, it is not all green about considering a mid-life career change. Don't forget to consider the monetary and other intangible benefits your job brings you. It is important to plan a way to deal without all these benefits. Also consider other facts, such as will your family accept your decision and support you in your career changes? Will you be missing your office environment? Will you be happy in your new career?

If you are confused and looking for an advisor to guide you through your decision of career changes, you can take help from qualified career guidance counselors. They are expert people, who will guide you through the benefits, drawbacks and processes of a mid-life career change. It is better to put more thought into it before making a move. Remember, a career change in thirties is one of the most crucial decisions of your life and should be done with proper thought, planning and expert guidance. it 外資系 転職

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