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One of the best aspects of a good promotional item is that it can sometimes become so useful to your client or potential client that it becomes an unquestioned part of their life. They use it constantly and come to depend on it, and every time they do, you are there in the form of your brand helping them with whatever task they set out to accomplish.

One such useful item is a simple cleaning cloth or towel. Everybody needs these little items; in fact, everybody needs a lot of them, and people don't generally think to go out and buy them. These aren't the matching designer hand towels that engaged couples register for, these are the towels that people grab when there is serious work to be done. These are the cleaning cloths that are used to dust, scrub, polish, wax, wipe, and clean, the ones that are employed in the application of -elbow grease.-

One great thing about these cleaning cloths is that there are several different kinds of them, all of them useful in different areas of your customers' lives. They come in a wide variety of different colors and sizes, with the ability to print your name and logo on them according to your wishes and instructions.

Lens cleaners and eyeglass cleaners

These are small, portable, lint-free cloths that are easy to carry in a pocket or brief case. Branded cleaning cloths can be drawn out at a convenient moment to polish eyeglass lenses, but they are also useful for telescope, binocular, and camera lenses. Promotional cleaning cloths are especially appropriate if your business is associated with photography or any of your clients are photographers. They will appreciate your helpful gesture in providing a cloth that will keep their lenses clean and lint-free.

Screen cleaners

Screens are such an integral part of our modern life, that anyone who offers a client an easy way to care for them shows that they are aware of this simple fact of modern business life. We watch television on screens, do our computer work looking at monitor screens, carry cell phones, iPhones, PDA's and Blackberrys with small but necessary screens, our Mp3 players have screens of varying sizes. Electronic screens are not like glass windows and cannot be cleaned in the same way, but you can provide your customers with a microfiber screen cleaning cloths that will remove dust, lint, dirt and smudges without scratching or streaking the glass. You can also get pouches or holders for some of these items, such as cell phones or Mp3 players that double as cleaning cloths.

Kitchen and Bath

These cleaning cloths come in varying degrees of -niceness.- Some are fancy enough to set out for guests, and some are more plain and functional for every day uses. Most of these are the towels with which your customers will wipe down the counters after the dishes are done, or wipe up spills at the dinner table. Such mundane uses are exactly what you want; they show your customers that you want to be of service to them, even when life gets a bit messy.


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