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If you could determine what direction of growth your company would take, adding permanent IT staffing positions would be easy to do. However, a business' bottom line can quickly rise and fall especially when you're trying to reach out to potential clients and keep the clientele you already have. Any company with IT services that fails to add more employees during a rise in growth may see a decline in sales. Of course, adding too many at one time can hurt the company profits.

Many companies are going with temporary agencies as an alternative to hiring full-time because of the benefits it offers. First, they can still get qualified applicants to do the job without spending a lot of money. Second, they don't have to worry with any long-term benefits that are often seen with the full-time employees. Third, companies don't have to go through with any kind of hiring process. The IT employee is just an independent contractor who actually has a contract with the temp agency. When companies hire from an agency, they know the person has the skills and means to do the job that is requested of them. The agency/worker contract will cover three major points:

- Code of conduct - General employment requirements - Workplace behavior

When you've decided to go with a temporary agency's IT consulting group, the agency will craft a contract. While this is routine, you'll still need to read it carefully for the fine print and make sure all the terms of employment are obvious and not misleading. The contract will offer protection from responsibility for the temp agency and outlines all the employment terms and job descriptions. When there is a contract with an IT employment firm, it often includes an agreement that your company will not try to hire the agency's employee away from them. If you try to make the employee a permanent part of your staff, they'll typically charge a hefty fee.

Contracts will include many things in them including:

- Beginning/ending work dates - Terms of payment (paid by company or agency) - Work location - Any travel expenses

If you choose to end the contract early or extend the contract, it should be reasonable. There should also be the option of letting go and replacing a worker should a conflict arise.

The person who hires temporary IT staff will often discover that the workers he has agreed to hire has the experience he/she needs to get the job done. With the job market suffering, there are many qualified, and even overqualified, applicants who can meet your company's needs. グッドウィル 人材派遣

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