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There were many innovative devices that came out of the World War II. Advances in medicine, electronics, radar, aircraft, and nuclear energy made it to the top of the list of those things that benefit mankind. Most of these innovations came from the nations who were victorious, however, there is one innovative food that came from Japan as a result of the war. Green juice, or Aojiru as it is known by its Japanese name, is the result of a military physician to provide better food for his family during those war years.

Kale, a type of cabbage that remains in a leafy state without forming a head, is the main ingredient for green juice. The Japanese today manufacture the juice from kale, or the leaves of the komatsuna plant that is similar to the turnip. During the 1980s green juice was marketed as a powdered dietary supplement throughout Japan and a recent survey revealed that the green juice business amassed over $500 million in 2005.

There are as many recipes as there are people who make the drink in their kitchens. Here is a common recipe that most anyone can make up without much preparation. Place the following in your juicer:

1/2 fresh pear 1/2 apple 1/2 cup of spinach 1/2 cup of parsley, leaves and stems 1 stalk of celery plus leaves 1/2 cucumber A small piece of ginger A small section of papaya

Run you juicer for the length of time needed to thoroughly extract all possible liquid from these ingredients. The yield should be approximately sixteen fluid ounces. The general advice on preparing your own green juice recipe is to begin juicing those vegetables that you already enjoy eating in a non-juiced state. Most everyone uses kale, celery, fennel, and cucumbers as the base for their recipe. Add to the base most any kind of lettuce along with endive, spinach, and escarole, which is a green leafy vegetable and is a form of endive.

The more advanced you become at preparing it you may want to add various types of cabbage, parsley, collard greens, dandelion greens, and mustard greens. These last items are quite bitter when taken by themselves, but in combination with fruits like cranberries, lemons, pear and apple are tolerable. Green juice is an excellent way to start your day, and to add nutrients that are omitted from many diets across the land. Improve your health with a glass a day. 青汁通販ランキング

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