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The opportunities for high paying physical and occupational therapy jobs in the United States are on the rise. Leading healthcare staffing companies provide skilled and qualified professionals competent recruitment services to help them secure placement in established medical facilities. These companies place qualified professionals in multi-specialty hospitals, acute care clinics, long-term healthcare centers, rehabilitation clinics, educational institutions, nursing homes, home healthcare agencies, and other facilities. The job package comes with good salary and several other benefits.

Rewarding Professions with a Range of Benefits

To secure physical and occupational therapist jobs, you must possess a master's degree in the concerned discipline from an approved university. A relevant licensure is also essential to work in some US states. Additionally, you must have excellent communication skills, good aptitude, a positive attitude and patience to help the patients of all age groups in each and every phase of the treatment. Besides high pay, these rehab jobs ensure benefits such as:

Professional liability insurance 
Health care insurance 
Section 125 cafeteria plan 
Short-term disability insurance 
Continuing education programs 
Additional state license 
401k benefits 
H1b visas and green cards 
Immigration processing 
Cancer insurance

Nature of Physical and Occupational Therapy Jobs

Physical and occupational therapy jobs come with a great deal of responsibility. As a physical therapist you would have deal with persons experiencing with limited mobility, and help them perform their routine activities that have been hindered due to medical problems, injuries, illnesses, or any other medical issues. Physical therapy jobs involve important duties such as diagnosis, planning treatment procedures to reduce pain, restore functions and improve mobility, patient progress analysis and maintaining treatment reports.

An occupational therapy job would require you to work with people with physical, emotional, mental or developmental disorders. As a responsible occupational therapist, you would have to diagnose and plan treatment procedures and therapeutic exercises that would help them develop abilities to handle their responsibilities efficiently in both living and working environments, improve their basic reasoning abilities, motor functions, and also build their confidence and skills to help them lead an independent and productive life.

Register with an Experienced Healthcare Staffing Firm

To get placed in high paying physical and occupational therapy jobs, both domestically or internationally trained professionals should register with an experienced healthcare staffing agency. Most established agencies can help both experienced and new job seekers secure permanent, temporary, part-time, long-term, full-time and short-term jobs, or travel assignments. Additionally, almost all healthcare staffing firms offer dedicated assistance for internationally trained job aspirants to complete immigration and licensing procedures easily, as well as to obtain green cards within a short period of time. They also help candidates to obtain convenient housing facilities and provide the fees for visas or Green cards. Most staffing agencies maintain online jobs databases that are updated frequently. Jobs seekers can easily locate suitable rehab therapy job openings. They offer facilities for online resume submission as well. 医師 求人 宮城県

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