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Maybe what you need is much more than a career change. Our gifts are without repentance and we receive at least one gift at the moment of salvation. Some people believe a new job will help them find fulfillment in life only to realize that job hopping isn't the answer. We cannot ignore the call of God on our life. He has equipped us to express ourselves through various kinds of work which in turn accomplishes a variety of results.

Career Change or Spiritual Gifts

A spiritual gift is a primary channel in which the Holy Spirit ministers through the believer. It's a supernatural capacity for service to God and He gives us a supernatural desire to perform the duties in a career through that gift. Maybe the reason why you think you need a career change is because your spirit is quickened to answer the call of God on your life. We all were created for a purpose. What's your purpose? What career can you best serve God from? What career can you perform the duties of that gift from? How can you serve mankind? We need you because you matter. Your gifts are being stirred for a time such as this. Is it a career that you need or is it purpose that you must fulfill? Everything under the sun has an appointed time. Is it your time to function in your gift?

Spiritual gifts are a source of joy in a believer's life and they influence your motives. It's a divine responsibility, because what God has gifted you to do, He has called you to do, and what He has called you to do, He has gifted you to do. Thank God that you are answering His beckoning to a career change and hopefully this post will help to ease your mind some. Do you believe that all things work together for good to those who love the Lord and for those who are called according to His purpose? (Romans 8:28)

Changing Careers Can be Scary!

But if you know that you know that God did not call you to leave you, He will provide the increase and promote you because you are functioning in your gift. He stirred up your gifts because it's your time do what you were called to do and you answered because you heard His whisper. If that means a career change then go with God speed into a new career and use your spiritual gifts to serve God and mankind with passion. Find out for free what your spiritual gifts are through a spiritual gift analysis and do the thing that you are called to do.

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