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Nowadays, you can do just about anything on an iPad. The days where you needed a laptop, an mp3 player and a console to play your games on is long gone. Once you have an iPad, you can do nearly anything that you want. If you’re asking yourself whether it’s worth it to purchase an iPad since you’re not too sure what you’d actually use it for, here are some things that you could use it for:

Music – If you love music that iPad could be the perfect gadget for you. Some people don’t really think of the iPad as a music player, but it’s one of the best ones around! Think about it, since it’s made by Apple you have access to the iTunes Store which will allow you to buy basically any song that’s out as well as not needing to buy any speakers to play your music on since they iPad already has built in speakers which are very loud for the size of the device. If you’ve ever used an iPod before in the past, you’ll know how easy it is to create playlists, play songs by a particular artist and so on. It’s the exact same case with the iPad.

Games – There are thousands upon thousands of games that have been specifically made for the iPad. No matter what type of games you like, you can be sure that you’ll find it on the iPad. By using the App Store you can download a wide variety of different type of games, whether they’re free games or games that you have to pay for. Another bonus is that many games that are popular on consoles such as the Nintendo Ds are available on the App Store but at a much cheaper price! Online Browsing – No matter what you love doing on the internet, the iPad has got you covered. If you spend loads of time on Youtube, you can use the Youtube app to watch all the videos that you want, if you want to go on any website that’s on the internet, you can use Safari to go to it, if you constantly check your email address for new emails, you can use the Mail app to always know if you’ve got an email or not. Basically, an iPad can do just as much as a laptop can!

Reading Books – Many people also use their iPad as a way to read the latest books. With iBooks (which comes pre-installed on your device on the latest iOS) you can read books just like you would with normally, by flicking pages to go to the next page etc. There are a lot of books which are completely free to download as well as some books that you’ll need to pay for to read. What makes the iPad so much better than other e-book readers is that you can do multiple tasks at once. For example, while you’re reading a book you can listen to any song that you have on your iPad. iPad 3 iPad 2

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