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If you’re in the market for new fencing, you might find that your options may appear limitless. Fencing materials can range from a variety of woods and metals to vinyl and composite materials. After you factor in the wide range of styles, heights, colors and configurations, the selection can become downright confusing.

To help you narrow your choices, first consider the function of the fencing. Do you want to add fencing to protect your children and pets? Do you want it for cosmetic purposes only? Are you trying to block an unsightly view?

Next, determine any regulations that further limit your options. For example, your neighborhood homeowner association may have stipulations in place that limit the height and type of fencing that is allowed. Historic neighborhoods also may have specifications on the type of fencing that is permitted on your property.

To help you make the best decision, consult with a professional fencing installer who has had experience with projects similar to yours. He/she can further guide you in making a decision that will meet your needs as well as accommodate your budget.

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