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The All Natural Cure for Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids or piles appear when the blood vessels surrounding the anal area swell up due to a number of different factors. It can be a result of chronic constipation or even weight gain brought about by obesity or pregnancy. It�s generally painful and can also sometimes cause itching which can bring about a feeling of general discomfort to the person who is unfortunate enough to develop this condition. If you�re suffering from this rather uncomfortable condition, then here is a guide for an all natural cure for hemorrhoids that you can apply within the comforts of your own home. In-home treatments for hemorrhoids have always been popular due to the sensitivity of the matter. It�s just natural for people who have hemorrhoids to rather choose treatments that they themselves can do in their own homes because they may feel ashamed or embarrassed to consult a doctor. If the hemorrhoid problem is still in a less complicated stage, then there are some special remedies that can help alleviate the pain and itchiness. Otherwise, a hemorrhoid condition which is in its serious degree should really be brought to a doctor�s attention immediately. A quick and easy way that can bring much needed relief to you if you�re suffering from hemorrhoids is through a sitz bath. A sitz bath consists of a tub of warm water with a substantial amount of baking soda or salt diluted into the bath. You then sit inside the tub for around 20 minutes so that the baking soda or salt has enough time to react as an antiseptic and prevent the hemorrhoid from becoming infected. This will also deal with any itchiness that you may be experiencing down there. You can also use ice cubes as an effective fast cure for hemorrhoids to help reduce the swelling if you experience any flare ups. Ice cubes will not only relieve the burning sensation, but it will also dramatically decrease the size of the hemorrhoid as well, at least for a while. Some people have reported to have gained great results from natural herbal extracts such as witch hazel so you may want to look into alternative medicine for hemorrhoids as well. As witch hazel is known for its astringent properties, it helps get rid of the condition of constricting the swell of the blood vessels on the anal canal. This then prevents the hemorrhoid from any bleeding or irritation that may occur in daily living. It also does wonders in reducing the size so that it doesn�t cause any discomfort as much. Apply some hitch hazel solution after your sitz bath which you should do every day for two weeks and you�ll be surprised how fast it will be able to take care of your hemorrhoid problem. If any of the symptoms persist then don�t hesitate to consult a doctor since the hemorrhoid problem may be worse than what you�re actually aware of. Remember that prevention is still key in managing any type of condition so make sure that you also look up the different ways that you can prevent the condition and follow through with it while you apply the cure for hemorrhoids that you have learned from this article. Sources Hemorrhoids cure Cure for hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids cure

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