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The benefit of LPG in our cars are enormous. Taxi drivers use them not only because of the low cost which is half the price of petrol but also gas reduces the wear and tear on the engines. Being on the road almost 24/7 the taxi companies are always on the look out on ways to better the performance of their vehicle at a reasonable cost. Because gas has a high octane content the ignition of it is smoother. No additive is required to guarantee high quality. The life of the engine is increased because of the absence of acids and carbon deposits. Gas contains no lead and is therefore cleaner.

Most expert on the subject will argue that LPG is definitely a cleaner fuel because not only does it produce 33% less CO2 emissions than petrol but also 45% less C02 than diesel. LPG vehicles produce up to 82% less Nitrogen Oxide pollutants than petrol and 99% better than diesel. Most research will conclude that cars are better off being converted to LPG gas for financial and performance reasons and above all better for the environment.

One of the main reason we should convert our cars to gas is price. The saving compared to petrol can be up to 60%, which is quite considerable when most of us are trying to find ways to cut costs in this day and age. Moreover LPG is environmentally friendly due to the fact it creates a reduction in exhaust emissions which is beneficial for the engine of the car thus allowing it to have a longer life span.

Most of LPG originates and is produced here in Australia and therefore we are guaranteed supplied for a very long time. Although converting to gas will cost between $2,500 and $4500 depending of what system is used, it is a far better way of running a car than petrol in the long run. Within 2 years most car owners would have caught up with their cost of conversions and the cost of running their cars would be excessively low.

Most LPG conversions involve installing a storage tank either in the boot of the car or underneath the vehicle. With it comes a regulator which is installed to regulate the process and also added to the installation is an LPG injection which helps control the flow of gas into the system. A fuel lock is also added to open and shut the flow of fuel when the car is running or stopping.

These days most cars can be converted to gas with the exception of just a few. Mr. John Vander Reyden (owner) of Agautogas conversions is an expert in LPG conversions and is able to convert many cars that many competition companies are to timid to convert.

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