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What is a sleeping section alarm clock or Schlafphasenwecker and how he functions? Besides, a sleeping phase timepiece or Schlafphasenwecker can facilitate to produce once more a healthy biorhythm. in the morning not slept off and through the day tiredly and within the evening it becomes difficult to fall asleep again. this is often a tangle that many of us understand. If this problem becomes a relentless companion, it can be even off sick someone, as a result of well-balanced sleep is extremely important for the body. With the assistance of the movements of a sleeping person the sleeping section alarm clock or Schlafphasenwecker by means of a sensor analyses the crossings in the completely different sleeping phases. within the deep sleep part the person is sort of immobile. that is why someone can even not fall during this deep sleep section also, for example, from the bed. However, the person turns and moves within the dream phase. thus specifically these movements of the sleeping part grandfather clock or Schlafphasenwecker are recognised. If the person proceeds shortly before the required awakening time in a lightweight sleep phase, the sleeping phase timer or Schlafphasenwecker notices this and hits proverbially alarm. The sleeping phase alarm clock or Schlafphasenwecker determines with the help of the body movements throughout the sleep the individual and optimum awakening time purpose within the last 30 minutes before the given awakening time. Besides, the inquiry of the optimum awakening time point a few pleasantly to be carried towelling bracelet within the wrist happens. Then the sensor integrated there recognises the sleeping phases about the body movements of the sleeping person. The aXbo sleeping part timer or Schlafphasenwecker was so conceived that he's to be served clear and simply. thus the user with a Scrollrad will navigate by the menu and give the awakening time simply. Besides disposes aXbo of various other functions. Thus, as an example, two folks will be woken up apart of each other. The so-called iSnooze function is an intelligent slumber perform and isn't to be compared to the customary Snooze perform of a standard watch. The user is woken up within the iSnooze perform throughout the Schlummerns in an exceedingly favorable wake-up phase. This causes that the user also feels on postslumbering rested and freshly. All along the user is ready twice snoozen. The Sleeptracker wakes up the user suitably to the individual biorhythm. thus the user wakes up pleasantly and feels recent and rested. Besides, the alarm clock is based on the so-called Aktimetrie. this can be a movement measurement which is also used in sleeping labs. so the timepiece will distinguish the Arousals, that the awake moments nearly from the REM sleep on account of the movements during the Schlafens. The Sleeptracker uses this and by the built-in acceleration knife he recognises precisely the right moment to the reveille. The digital Sleeptracker is carried comfortably in the wrist. in order that an optimum Aufweckphase is guaranteed, the sleeping section watch or Schlafphasenwecker wakes up not at an explicit time, but inside one defined

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