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Increasing site traffic isn't all that hard but it does require effort plus some commitment. There are many various ways that can achieve a rise in website traffic but currently just about the most effective is to utilise social bookmark submitting.

social bookmark - In case you didn't know a social bookmarking site is a website where users can store links and bookmarks using a web interface- the advantage of this can be they can organise, categories and usually manage them quicker than using the favourites folder. The social bookmarking phenomenon has been around for several years now and shows no sign of failing.

However for webmasters the most interesting part of these sites is that links are stored and shared through the entire community of that particular site. When a web page is added to a specific social bookmarking site then that page could be shared with all the other users - some of these communities have many countless members making them an extremely attractive source of traffic.

In case a web page is included with these sites and the community finds the page interesting you will often see a huge surge of traffic heading to your website. Potentially a single bookmark can cause huge amounts of traffic in case your content is interesting.

Another benefit to social bookmarks is that in the majority of times when you add a bookmark to particular page - that is seen as a link back to your website by the engines like google. This will also help to supercharge your rankings with the engines like google and start to improve those positions inside the search engine lists.

So just to summarise - the benefits of getting bookmarks pointing in your site are;

   Increase in traffic from bookmark subscribers
   Receive valuable backlinks in the bookmark site aimed at your website
   Speeds up indexing of human pages to all major engines like google

There are literally hundreds of these bookmarking sites with a huge potential for several different links back to your website and targeted prospects from fellow subscribers. Unfortunately adding an individual page to all these social bookmark sites can literally take hours each and every time - but it is wortth it.

Some practical assistance with using the social bookmark sites to market your own web pages

   Don't add all your pages to a site simultaneously - it looks like spam
   Add your pages slowly mixed with other interesting related links
   social bookmark sites users are searching for interesting information - websites rarely do well
   If the truth is any big spikes in traffic from any bookmark - monitor closely and find out why community are clicking
   Check the sites and if any discussions are getting on about a page try to join in
   Try and automate the procedure but keep control through the use of bookmarking software instead of a mass submission service

I have discovered an incredible system that will add hundreds of links to your website over time, the traffic effect is amazing. Ignore automated systems this is actually the real deal.

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