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The Solemnity of Christian Matrimony

It has always been a tradition to do the Christian Matrimony in the churches to be more solemn and followed by lots of fun and enjoyment. There are also parts in Christian matrimony, namely, the pre wedding, wedding and post wedding customs and traditions. Since the Christian community can be anywhere all over the world, it is not rare to see some of the wedding customs and traditions within this community to differ from country to country.

A wedding ritual which is filled with lot of joy, fun and laughter is the celebration for the Christian bride, popularly known as the bridal shower. This celebration is filled with so many female friends and cousins of the bride where they get together and indulge in lot of dancing, music and fun. In addition, the organizer can add so much fun games during the party. Lots of gifts and blessings are given to the Christian bride-to-be from her family, relatives and friends in order to have a happy and blissful married life. It has been a tradition for the bride to serve a pink cake to all her guests during the occasion. People are used to having this unique custom of putting a thimble inside the cake then whoever gets the piece of cake with this hidden thimble is believed to be the next in line of getting married.

The wedding dress worn by the Christian bride serves as another highlight in a Christian matrimonial. The wedding gown can be simple, highly embellish, or a netted one. The color is traditionally white. Her head will be wearing a white veil with a tiara. The tiara can be made up of diamonds or a bunch of flowers. Either way, the bride can look amazing. Of course, a bouquet of flowers will not be forgotten. This is being held by the bride to be thrown to the female single ladies after getting married. The girl who will catch the bouquet is said to be married next. The trail of the gown is a feature of the wedding which is unique. The trails can vary depending on the extent of marriage; those magnificent marriages have quite long trails while some can be small and sober. The entire ensemble may add the beauty of the Christian bride especially if it looks mesmerizingly beautiful.

On the other hand, the groom usually wears a formal suit that is black or navy blue in color. A bachelor's party will be dedicated to the groom before the wedding. The host of the party is the groom himself. Usually, this party is held a day before the wedding. The groom along with his friends enjoys his last night of bachelorhood. There will be many excitements in the air and toasts raised for the groom during this pre wedding bash.

During the wedding, the Christian bride enters the church while taking support of her father's arms is one of the most emotional moments seen during that day.There will also be bridesmaids and the maid of honor. It is the job of the best man to take her to the groom after greeting her. By the time the trail of the bride is lifted by the bridesmaids, the entire crowd can be speechless. Once the marriage vows will be repeated by both the bride and the groom after the priest starts it, they are then considered as man and wife.

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