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Dealing directly while using SBA loan declinedor possibly a collection company can be hard because they don't offer you usage of decision makers, so it's sometimes impossible to understand why a deal was declined.

Settlement offers that might be acceptable when submitted during your lender tend to be declined when submitted straight to the SBA, the Treasury, or possibly a collection company. It's not fair, but is it doesn't reasons SBA loan declined debt consolidation.

Overall, it's too bad that my client would not find his lender as soon as his business closed. Instead, he waited to know from his lender, and unfortunately he never heard from them (unfortunately, many lenders follow this practice as they are overwhelmed with files and lack the man capacity to small business loan declined think the OIC process collectively borrower). Therefore, possibilities to get the loan settled passed, and now we have become mired in the process which could take years to end. Because i always tell my clients, if you would like settle, get it done sooner than later because as soon as the window of possibility to deal directly along with your lender closes, it's closed completely.

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