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Social Bookmark - Bookmarking, or social bookmark submitting, is a simple concept. Rather than keep a list of private bookmarks all on your own browser, you can bookmark sites publicly, then share them with whoever you choose.

It is not only a great way to learn what other people find that's interesting, but the search engines treat bookmarks like links, so it is an important strategy for marketers also.

Another benefit of social bookmark submitting is it can get a site indexed very quickly. For instance, if you build a new site or blog, then bookmark it in a popular BM site like StumbleUpon or Delicious, the website will get indexed by incorporating hours!

Social Bookmark - There are many bookmarking sites available, with each having pros and cons. It is best to locate a site that you really like with regards to your BM, and install their widgets on your browser to make BM simple and convenient.

For marketing purposes, it really is valuable to open accounts at a variety of services, and bookmark all your websites, blog posts, and social postings. In this manner, bookmarking becomes a straightforward and inexpensive method of linking.

Social Bookmark - You have to be careful and not be too greedy within your bookmarking. If all you could bookmark are your sites, you may actually get your account turned off by the bookmarking site. Ensure an bookmark everything of interest to you, so that you create a natural collection of bookmarks.

For SEO purposes, you will need to create a great headline and outline, and enter the correct tags (keywords) when bookmarking.

Social bookmark submitting is easy, it's free, and it is a great way to build backlinks and obtain natural traffic to your websites and blogs! Utilize it daily for best results, in order to find a good bookmarking service should you really want to ramp up your BM results.

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