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article summary: 18-year-old Ukrainian girl died: the young girl was gang rape and the burning of video network crazy pass. Ukraine girls before the death affects the heart of the majority of users. 18-year-old Ukrainian young girls as early as gang-raped and burned to death, and afterwards, Ukraine girls talk about being raped and the burning of video in the transmission network crazy. Why do you want to gang rape and the burning of the Ukraine girls? Ukrainian girl died what is the event?

Ukraine girls Oksana Markal (Source: British media)

According to the British 「Daily Mail」 news, earlier this month was brutally gang-raped and burned Ukrainian girl Oksana Markal March 29 due to severe injuries and died on the age of 18 years of age. Not long before, Makar also brave appearance about his unfortunate experience, this video is crazy to pass up on the network quickly.

Ukraine, Donetsk (Donetsk on) regional health officials said on that day Markal ultimately unable to fight the pain of burns and lung damage, passed away. Died the other day, her mother's encouragement, the Markal lying in a hospital bed recorded a video, and personally about their tragic experience by three men and humiliated.

, March 9, Makar was three youth gang-raped, burned, discarded, was found and sent to hospital for treatment. Her body a 55 percent burns, forced to amputation of the right arm and feet. The incident sparked the Ukrainian national wrath, people have demanded stern punishment for the murderer. girl was gang-raped, 55% of the total skin burned

is 18 years old, living in the Ukrainian city of Nikolayev in southern female students Oksana Ma Kaer can not imagine how, in March encounter with the strange man in a bar in the evening of the 9th, even almost to his own life.

Ukraine 「Kyiv Post」 reported that, when she met in a nightclub two shape handsome demeanor and friendly young man, a good talk. Later, the two men invited Ma Kaer go to a male friend's house, Ma Kaer gladly promised, and did not guard against this is a trap. Ma Kaer said the blandishments of the three men drunk, the last unconscious, that the three men took the opportunity to gang-raped her.

afterwards to cover up the crime, that three people actually tried to strangle the Maka Er, the 「corpse」 and wrapped in sheets, thrown into the deep groove of a nearby construction site. Order to thorough Huishimieji, they also mercilessly doused with gasoline. 「Crematorium」.

lucky Ma Kaer is not dead, tapped halo, and the tragic burning, she was miraculously survived down. The next morning, just a car passing the construction site, the driver heard the trench came again and groans, so get off to look and found to have been charred sheets, dying Ma Kaer is agony. The driver swung the police, Ma Kaer also be taken to a nearby hospital.

, according to the hospital, 55% of the Maka Er body skin was completely burned, her two kidneys were burned gone, one arm and two legs are burned to the carbonation extent, only amputation. However, the tenacious Ma Kaer after a series of operations, has now recovered consciousness. Doctors say her condition has stabilized, but the body recovery prospects in the future is difficult to predict.

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