Libido treatment for men

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hello he reason behind the decrease in the libido in men is that the level of testosterone sometimes decreases in the body, health problems like diabetes, stress and anxiety, disorder of sex organs etc.The women libido can also be decreased due to the decreases level of estrogen. There are several ways to increase the libido. The ways that are given here applies to both men and women. You can involve yourself in aerobic exercises regularly due to which the circulation of blood increases to all the organs and the desire for sex increases. After doing exercise human body will secrete more endorphins which will change the mood of a person. People who do aerobic exercises have higher levels of testosterone than other men. Men who do regular exercises have fewer chances to suffer from impotence problems. The exercises that are not recommended are those that involve lifting heavy weight and will put stress on the body muscles. The high fat food should be totally avoided as that will decrease the libido. The testosterone in the body is formed with the help of zinc and vitamin B so food that contains zinc and vitamin B should be taken so that impotency should not occur. Garlic contains allicin that increases the flow of blood to the pelvic organs. So garlic can be taken in any form. Body massages helps to increase the flow of blood and will relax the body. The massage also helps to reduce the stress and anxiety from the body and mind. The involvement in some adventurous and exciting activities helps to produce endorphins that change the mood of men. Meditation also releases endorphins but this is a long process as person has to do meditation regularly. Meditation will increase the flow of blood, decrease the muscles tension and the internal power will be increased. Chocolates have an ingredient known as phenethylamine that increases the mood that will make a person fall in love. The odor of cucumber acts as a good attractor in women.

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