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Eyebrow Embroidery-The More Convenient Choice One common problem suffered by most of us today is how to shape our eyebrows. Not all of us were born with perfect-shaped brows, and it takes both talent and skill to shape them to compliment our overall look. It can be quite tricky to conduct brow-shaping techniques such as tweezing, threading and shaving. If you’re not yet skilled with the task you may end up with uglier brows in the long run. Drawing a shape for the brows using a cosmetic pencil sometimes does the job right, but it can be a tedious job as well. Eyebrow embroidery thus serves as a great choice when it comes to shaping the eyebrows to perfection. It is a semi-permanent procedure that further promotes the beauty of the eyebrows without the need to go through the tiring tasks of shaving or threading. If you want to enjoy perfect brows on a long-term basis, then eyebrow embroidery is the way to go. Eyebrow Embroidery vs. Eyebrow Tattoo Eyebrow embroidery is a different procedure than that of eyebrow tattooing. In eyebrow tattooing, the procedure aims for a permanent brow shape and structure. At times, eyebrow tattoo offers an artificial look, and it may not always work with the overall features of the face. You may be able to wear the perfect makeup, but the unmovable brows might just ruin your look. Eyebrow embroidery offers better options. Indeed it is a semi-permanent procedure, thus you will have to undergo through the process after two years or so. In eyebrow embroidery, the brows are shaped and inked on the surface of the skin. Its main goal is not to give the brows the perfect shape, but rather to give more volume on the brows’ natural contour. Through this procedure, the brows are given a steady shape and structure without going beyond their natural aesthetic features. The procedure in eyebrow embroidery lasts within an hour, and there is only slight pain to be felt during the process. It is also common for the ink to fade two weeks after the procedure, as this is retouched during a follow-up session. The embroidery is good to last for up two years, depending on your skin. Through eyebrow embroidery, you get better looking brows without going through the effort for consistent retouching or shaping. You not only get to save money for eyebrow pencils-you also get to look more naturally beautiful.

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